At Optical Supply, Inc. we offer the wide range of quality lens products you need, along with a commitment to superior value and service.  Everything you want in a lens laboratory!  It begins with all the designs and materials you want, including unsurpassed expertise in Varilux, the world’s most prescribed brand of progressive lenses.  We also offer a vast inventory of all types of lenses to meet every patient need.

Our advanced lens technologies provide everything you and your patients want in anti-reflective and scratch resistance lenses.  Every patient deserves the enhanced performance of AR and scratch resistance.  Our lens technology and service – including expert in-house AR and TD2 service at our Grand Rapids laboratory – gives your practice and your patients a clear advantage.

We enjoy working with each and every customer and take pride in delivering exceptional service.  Whether you need to discuss fitting requirements or product specifications, place a phone order, or obtain job status, our friendly customer service team with knowledge, insight and support every business day.

Designed for your dispensary, built to your specifications and installed to your satisfaction, we offer a unique source for the latest in dispensary consulting furnishing services for your practice.

Optical Supply, Inc. is the only optical laboratory you need, with high quality products and services to help you succeed.  We look forward to working with you to bring you the best the industry has to offer.    

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