At Omega Dallas, the largest Essilor lab in the United States, our employees are true ophthalmic professionals.  Everyone who touches your lens order is extensively trained in the latest lens technologies and treatments, and work with a wider range of lenses than any other lab. 

You will find our advanced less processing technologies provide the right solution for patients, including:

  • Digital Surfacing:  State-of-the-art digital surfacing equipment to handle all of your digital orders
  • AR treatment expertise:  Omega Dallas has been a frontrunner in coating technology, and was the first lab in the country to offer Crizal No Glare lenses with UV
  • The widest range of the industry’s best lens designs, materials, and coatings
  • 24 hour a day operation
  • Multiple Lab of the Year Awards
  • The only provider of 1.74 in the United States
  • High customer satisfaction ratings
  • Index-matching Mithril coating
  • Expertise in processing drills, wraps and high index jobs

In addition, the Customer Service team at Omega Dallas is committed to providing you with the utmost in personalized service.  We strive to provide you with the best experience, from the moment you place an order until it is delivered to your office and fitted on your patient!

Omega Optical
13515 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75234

Toll Free Phone: 800-366-6342
Toll Free Fax: 800-877-0329